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Handbook of Logic
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/ Volume 28

Roland Houde | Jerome J. Fischer
Handbook of Logic

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This book represents the attempt to provide the student in the one semester introductory course in logic with 1. a handbook of the fundamentals of the science, brief and succinct enough to be practical and yet substantial enough to provide him with the solid foundation of the traditional from which to approach the “mysteries” of modern developments in the field. 2. A working knowledge of the science, out of which there may be built the personal equipment with which the student may be able to solve for himself the problems posed by the impact of the new on the old in the field of logic. 3. Sufficient problem material to enable the student to learn the use of logic, so that in reconciling in his own mind the new and the old, the modern and the traditional, he may do this logically.

About the Authors

Roland Houde, born in Canada, was professor of philosophy at the universities of Villanova and St. John (NY). He was Associate Editor ofthe journal The New Scholasticism. Jerome J. Fischer (+1984) was professor at the department of English at the university of Villanova and president of the university from 1957-1959.


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