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Die Philosophie des Thomas von AquinModern Thomistic Philosophy

Modern Thomistic Philosophy
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/ Volume 35

R. P. Phillips
Modern Thomistic Philosophy
Vol. 1: The Philosophy of Nature

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The first volume of this introduction in Thomistic philosophy includes as part 1 Cosmology as the philosophy of inanimate nature and as part 2 the philosophy of animate nature that is philosophical psychology. “Dr. Phillips is to be congratulated on the clear and lucid way he has set forth Thomist doctrines and especially for the manner in which he has rendered the Latin terminology of Schoolman in English, an achievement which makes his book very readable and interesting even for those unacquainted with the great treatises of Schoolman.” L.J. Walker, in Philosophy, Vol. 11, Issue 43.

About the Author

R. P. Phillips was professor of philosophy a S. John’s Seminary in Wonerh

ISBN: 978-3-86838-539-7
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