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Scholastic MetaphysicsNach dem Naturrecht

New Scholasticism Meets Analytic Philosophy
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/ Volume 40

Rafael Hüntelmann | Johannes Hattler (Eds.)
New Scholasticism Meets Analytic Philosophy

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Recent decades have seen a revival of interest in Aristotelian and Scholastic thought, particularly among analytic philosophers.  Neo-Aristotelians, Analytic Scholastics, and Analytical Thomists have made significant contributions to several fields within contemporary philosophy, including metaphysics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. This volume of new essays brings together some of the leading thinkers of this movement, to address such topics as materiality, causation, possibility, privation and dispositionality. The contributors are Rani Lill Anjum, Edward Feser, Uwe Meixner, Stephen Mumford, David Oderberg, Edmund Runggaldier and Erwin Tegtmeier.
About the Editors
Rafael Hüntelmann, Ph.D., teaches philosophy at a private university at Constance. He has published several books and articles on metaphysics and is the publisher of Editiones Scholasticae.
Johannes Hattler, Ph.D., is director of the Lindenthal Institut, Cologne.


ISBN: 978-3-86838-545-8
128 pp
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