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Die SeeleLessons in Scholastic Philosophy

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/ Volume 11

J. Elliot Ross
From the Standpoint of Scholastic Philosophy

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The book contains a systematical investigation of the ethics from a scholastic standpoint. It begins by examining the fundamental theory of action. After that the author develops the conceptions of duty and laws as concrete duties. Finally the book examines social ethics as embracing all the rights and duties of men in their relations with other men, both as individualsand as groups, either in the family or in the state. The author offers a very comprehendible text that can be read with profit by undergraduates.

About the author

John Elliot Ross, 1884-1946 was the author of a plurality of books, dealing with Christian issues. He was offered the Catholic professorship as well as the position of Associate Director of the School of Religion at the University of Iowa. His book “Ethics” were broadly recognized.

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